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Secondary inspection butterfly and Troubleshooting solution

Author: Published:2013-12-23
A secondary inspection after the valve factory users
1 , butterfly either manual , pneumatic , hydraulic, electric components in the factory have been strictly debugging sealing performance when the user re-examination , the import and export sides should be evenly fixed , closed valve, pressure on the import side , the observe whether the outlet side leakage phenomenon , the strength in the pipeline before the experiment , the disc should be opened to prevent damage to sealing .
2 , has enabled institutions to control the electric transmission valve factory , good closing stroke adjustment . To prevent the power is turned the wrong direction , the user after the first powered , the first being opened manually to a half-open position , press the power switch in the direction of the indicator disc check valve can be closed in the same direction .
3 , despite strict inspection and test, but there are also individual products in transit before the butterfly valve factory automatic screw displacement , the need to re-adjust , pneumatic, hydraulic , etc., please read the complete drive manual .
Second, common faults and solutions butterfly Road
1 , open and close the valve more frequently , about two months time , the worm opens the lid to check whether the normal butter , keep the right amount of butter.
2 , confirm our products before installing road performance and media flow arrow is consistent with the movement condition, clean and insert the valve cavity , are not allowed in the ring and butterfly impurities foreign body with a front panel , no unwashed Allow Close the disc to avoid damaging the seals.
3 , supporting the installation disc special flange flange butterfly recommended that HGJ54-91 type socket welding steel flanges.
4 , metal sealed butterfly valve products are not suitable for installation in pipe ends , such as piping must be installed in the end , equipped with outlet flange to be taken to prevent the seals backlog gone too .
5, the location of the installation in the pipeline , optimum vertical position , but not for the flip .
6 , using the need to adjust the flow , there are worm gear box control.
7 , check the connection parts required compaction , which is to ensure the tightness of the packing , but also to ensure a flexible stem rotation .
8 , stem regularly check valve installation reaction results, find fault and ruled out.
As the saying goes : Caution is the ship. Carefully before using the butterfly and detailed examination adjustment is necessary in order for security for costs little butterfly long life , etc., can not be ignored discounted.