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Butterfly powder system on how much you know?

Author: Published:2013-12-23
Butterfly valves are used to control solid materials , often in the tank bottom as tank bottom discharge valve to use, such as cement tanks, powder cans , etc. , used to discharge and quickly cut off . Because most of the dust material containing large or small particles , the wear on the sealing surface of the valve is not in doubt , improper selection, will greatly reduce the life of the valve , causing the valve leakage or quickly , the impact of continued use. Weigh batching system, the entire batching process to achieve automatic control PLC, while the discharge valve ingredients car of choice is a pneumatic butterfly valve , the media is a very fine powder particles . With a period of time, the valve leakage , resulting in piles of powder often leaks on the bench , because this medium is very thin , and a little sticky , though small car is equipped with vibrating motors ingredients , and finally there are a lot of material attached to the tank parts of the walls and valves , when the valve is closed , the card around the sealing surface of the valve is not fully closed , resulting in the re- installation of the material leaks occur , over time, also make the sealing surface wear is very powerful, and even emerged trenches .
In the PLC program, the prolonged motor vibration , shock try out all of the material after closing the valve ; weighing instrument zero alignment, all materials will be displayed after it is zero , then close the valve was issued by the PLC signal ; would replace the three eccentric butterfly valve double eccentric resilient seal butterfly ( middle sealing rubber valve can also be used , taking into account the material in the occasional large particles , the rubber seals may not be durable - if there is no fine powder particles can be consider using a soft seal butterfly ) , because the three eccentric butterfly valve seat sealing surface is an inclined , that is face seal , so the material is easy to accumulate in the sealing surface , not quickly discharged , while the single eccentric or double eccentric butterfly valves do not have this drawbacks, even if the sealing surface of a material that , also in the valve plate when the valve is scraped off , thereby ensuring a good seal and sealing surface durability.
Powder pneumatic valve system , there are other factors that need to be considered , such as : You can not let material directly above the valve plate valve rushed into the small car from ( this impact can cause the valve can not close tightly ) , and the material static pressure does not exceed the required bearing pressure pneumatic butterfly design , and so on.
The difference between an ordinary manual control valve and the valve is that it can not be used as an isolated element to look at, but it must be used as part of the automatic control system to consider, control valves use many of the problems , not the selection and configuration issues , but because of lack of user awareness causes the control valve control valve failure and control system commissioning , with the good . As long as the key to understanding the problem , the correct selection of the valve , and in the commissioning phase of the control valve system debugging, and will be able to greatly reduce the failure rate, so that long-term stable operation of the automatic control system .