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Wafer butterfly valve on the structure and purpose

Author: Published:2013-12-23
Wafer butterfly valve is connected with stud butterfly valve in the pipe between two flanges . Sulfuric acid system is mainly used in the burning of sulfur , transformation, drying and absorption section is sulfuric acid plant with a preferred brand valves , the majority of users considered : good sealing performance, easy operation light and vice corrosion , high temperature operation , flexible , safe and reliable butterfly , got a lot to promote the use . Sulfuric acid is also used in the gas pipeline industry : blast furnace blower entrances, Relay fan entrances, electric defogging series and Unicom valve , S02 main blower entrances converter regulation, such as regulation and preheater entrance cutoff of gas used. Also widely used: chemical, petrochemical , metallurgy, medicine, food and other industries in SO2, steam, air , gas , ammonia , CO2 gas , oil , water, salt , lye, water , nitric acid, hydrochloric acid , sulfuric acid, phosphate pipeline and other media as a regulator and the closure device.
Wafer butterfly concrete structure has seven characteristics:
1, three unique design to the eccentric drive friction between the seal faces , extending the life of the valve .
2 , the torque generated by the elastic seal .
3, the ingenious wedge design makes the valve has closed more and more tightly sealed automatic function, with compensatory between the sealing surface , zero leakage.
4 , small size, light weight, compact operation, easy installation.
5 , can be configured pneumatic, electric device according to user requirements , to meet the needs of remote and program .
6 , replacement parts material applied to a variety of media , and can be anti-corrosion lining ( lining F46, GXPP, PO , etc. ) .
7 , continuous structural diversification : Wafer , flanged , welded .
Wafer butterfly valve is a national key new products , high-performance manual uses a double eccentric butterfly valve and a special taper oval seal structure. Solve the traditional butterfly valve in the headstock 0 ° ~ 10 ° instantly sealing surface in sliding contact friction still shortcomings in the opening moments to realize the disc sealing surface that is separated from close contact with that sealing effect, to extend the life of the sealing performance good purpose .